Volunteers’ Week: Meet Jessica


Occupation: Retired Educationalist | Volunteer Role: BCA Friends Secretary, Library Assistant and Events

Why did you choose to volunteer with BCA?

I choose to volunteer with BCA as the organisation and what it represents is important to me. I am well aware of the sacrifice and hard work of others, for over 30 years, to get BCA to where it is now and am happy to give back some time.

What have you learnt from volunteering?

This is my fourth year of volunteering and my learning has been interesting and varied as I am happy volunteering almost everywhere.

In addition to specific skills such taking cash/card payments at the till or making coffee using the coffee machine I have increased my knowledge of UK related Black history, either through assisting with exhibitions or volunteering in the reading room.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in volunteering?

Come and join us at BCA, we always need good volunteers! Most people have a wealth of skills but usually stick to an area they feel safe in. It’s important to be flexible and be prepared to go beyond your original remit e.g. the courtyard might need sweeping!

Has volunteering made a difference to your life? If so, how?

I have always volunteered throughout my life and at BCA volunteering gives me an opportunity to use my skills and expertise in various roles. I like turning up for ‘work’, I enjoy all aspects of my roles and I am constantly learning. As a retiree, regular volunteering keeps me current!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Jessica and all our volunteers for all their hard work at BCA.

Would you be interested in becoming a BCA volunteer? You can register your interest via our Volunteer page.