Collections Overview

This page lists, in alphabetical order all of our catalogued collections.  For further information related to subjects look at our Subject Guides.


The Adamah papers created over 100 year period from the 1850s through the eyes of one family whose great, great grandfather was a Fia/King of the Ewe nation in the Keta and Some areas of Ghana.  Not only are personal and genealogical information revealed, but also correspondence with other nations and interaction with the British who were governing the Gold Coast colony. 1858-1960 [new catalogue now available]

A collection of additional manuscripts including material on Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Valerie Mason John and Nelson Mandela. 1909-2008

These newspapers contain articles relevant to Black British history; these are usually concerning the Transatlantic Slave Trade but some articles relate to musicians, sportsmen and colonialism. 1703-1882

Papers of Michael Banton, a sociologist who researched the West African and African Caribbean community in Stepney. 1929-1985

Records of Black and Asian Studies Association that campaigned for educational and heritage research/resources relating to Black and Asian communities. This collection is only partially catalogued, and is held off-site so please allow a week’s notice for retrieval. 1991-2010

Records of Black Cultural Archives that chart the progress of the founding organisation from conception to the present day. This collection is partially closed.  1981-2008. See also related material in the GARRISON collection.

Papers of Alrick Cambridge, community activist and founder of the Black Unity and Freedom Party.
This collection is partially closed, and is held off-site so please allow a week’s notice for retrieval. 1976-1984

Sheet music, programmes, recordings, and reference material relating to the composer, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.  This collection is held off-site so please allow a week’s notice for retrieval. c1895-c2005. See also the additional manuscripts collection AMS/2012.

Records of the Community Roots Trust, a charity aimed to improve the management and service delivery of community self-help projects with particular reference to the needs of ethnic minority communities. This collection is held off-site so please allow a week’s notice for retrieval. 1980-1988

Papers of Sean Creighton, an independent historian whose research into Battersea’s labour movement history, and work for Lambeth based Solon Housing Association and Community/Police Consultative Group for Lambeth, led him into researching Black British History. He was also a Committee member and Secretary of the Black & Asian Studies Association. 1914-2011

Derek Boland, better known by his stage name Derek B, was a British rapper.  His most commercially successful releases were “Goodgroove” and “Bad Young Brother” in 1988. 1980s-c1990s  [new catalogue now available]

Papers of Stella Dadzie, a published writer and historian, best known for The Heart of the Race: Black Women’s lives in Britain, which won the 1985 Martin Luther King Award for Literature.  Her career as a writer and education activist spans 25 years. 1970-1986

Photographs, press cuttings and publications relating to the writer Alexandre Dumas. This collection is held off-site so please allow a week’s notice for retrieval. c1845-1960

Bill of sale for an enslaved woman, probably from the south-eastern United States of America. 4 September 1843

Papers of John Franklin, a community worker. This collection is partially closed and is held off-site, so please allow a week’s notice for retrieval. 1954-2001

Indentures of the Gale family and others relating to a variety of Jamaican plantations. 1760-1838


Papers of Len Garrison academic, community activist and co-founder of Black Cultural Archives.  1947-2003

Letters from Jamaica, Mauritius, Calcutta and Melbourne to John Gladstone & Co, Liverpool. This collection is held off-site so please allow a week’s notice for retrieval. 1840-1843

Papers of Jeffrey Green, an independent historian.  His collection also includes material given to him by Amy Barbour James, secretary of the League of Coloured People. c1900-1998

Papers of Cecil Gutzmore relating to the Brixton Defence Campaign. 1980-1983

The collection from Hansib Publications consists of the Caribbean Times, African Times and Asian Times newspapers. 1981-2001

This collection comprises materials relating to work undertaken by Jeanette Brooks with various dance companies, including her own; The Dance Movement and Pick Up Dancers Corporation.  This collection is part of the Black Dance Archives project. 1959-2008

Papers of administrative records, correspondence, promotional materials and reviews relating to June Gamble’s clients from the field of dance. This collection is part of the Black Dance Archives project 1987-2006

Papers relating to Kompany Malakhi’s governance, performances and education programme, from c. 2000 to its closure in 2012. This collection is part of the Black Dance Archives project. 2000-2012


Pamphlets from the BLF’s Black Liberation Series and a run of its Grass Roots newspaper.1979-1991. See also WONG

Papers of Dr. Jan Mckenley an activist who was involved in the Brixton Defence Campaign. c.1979-2006

Photographs of Olive Morris, community activist, and an order of service for her funeral, and her mother, Doris Morris’s funeral. c1977-c2002

Records of Nubian Steps relating to the governance of OnyxArts Foundation and administrative and promotional materials for various dance productions. This collection is part of the Black Dance Archives project 1996-2013

Our collection of oral history recordings. 1976-2015 [This catalogue has been updated]

Records of Pagnell Street Youth and Community Centre. This collection is held off-site so please allow a week’s notice for retrieval. 1981-1985

The papers of Rudi Patterson (29 September 1933 – 24 July 2013) who was a Jamaican born actor, model, painter and potter. 1960-2013

Our periodical collection.1936-2008

This series of photographs reflects the presence of African and Caribbean people in Britain.  1930s-c2000s

This collection contains music recordings, copies of broadcast documentaries and films on a variety of formats.  1933-2016 [This catalogue has been updated]

Adminstrative records relating to the running of the company, and materials relating to various performances, productions, film, commercial works and education and outreach projects. This collection is part of the Black Dance Archives project 1997-2014

The Runnymede Collection contains the library and archive from the Runnymede Trust, which was established in 1968. It has worked for four decades to challenge racial discrimination and promote a successful multi-ethnic Britain.1968-2000* please note that we have received a further amount of material from this organisation up to 2014, but these records are yet to be catalogued.

Posters, books, educational resources, and images relating to Mary Seacole. 1984-c2005

Papers of Suzanne Scafe, co-author of the Heart of the Race book, who was involved with the Black Women’s movement. c1980-1991

Records relating to the running, governance and administration of State of Emergency company. This collection is part of the Black Dance Archives project 1980-2015

Tony Soares, an activist and well-known founder member of the Black Liberation Front, was one of the first proponents of Black Power in the UK 1969-1979  [new catalogue now available]

Administrative records relating to the running of the company and the planning of and preparations for performances and education projects.  This collection is part of the Black Dance Archives project 1988-2015

Documents concerning the uprisings in Brixton. 1981

Papers of Howard G Williams, Her Majesty’s Inspector of schools. This collection is held off-site so please allow a week’s notice for retrieval. c1947-c1988

Papers of Melba Wilson, journalist, activist and champion for mental health 1977-1989 [new catalogue now available]

Papers of Ansel Wong, teacher and activist. Includes material on supplementary schools, the West Indian Students’ Union, and  the Black Liberation Front. c1960-1990