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Poetic Unity and Black Cultural Archives present The Poets Corner

The Poets Corner.jpg

South London’s ONLY weekly poetry event ‘The Poets Corner’ has fast become one of the leading poetry night’s in London. Unique for its amazing atmosphere, welcoming audience and sensual spoken word it is now about to get even bigger.

From Wednesday 26 April, The Poets Corner will run monthly specials, which will have featured artists, a blend of different music genre’s and other forms of artistry which will blend with meet poetry on the last Wednesday of each month.  The first special will be ‘The Poets Corner meets Neo-Soul’, and the regular programme of The Poets Corner will run on the other Wednesdays as usual.

Poetic Unity is a registered charity which serves to teach young people alternative ways of learning through poetry and provides safe and friendly environments for young people to perform and unite with their peers.

Tickets are £5