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For the woman who you get to know little by little.

The woman who is just herself.

The woman who doesn’t take any BS.

The woman who no-one really tries with.

The woman who puts everyone else first.

The woman we call Aunty.

Have you ever wondered how the term ‘Aunty’ has come bear so many meanings both inside and outside our immediate families? Join our theatrical conversation as we unveil the layers and multiple roles of the matriarchs in communities as we showcase new play ‘Aunty’ for the first time at Black Cultural Archives.

‘Aunty’ is a new play exploring the relationships between black girls and older black women, made and performed by teenage girls from Company Three, a company of black women from the community and Director Maa-Yarkor Addo. This fun, brave and loving play is our attempt to unpick what ‘Aunty’ really means. To find her in all her complexities and truths. To have the conversations we never have. This play is followed by a post discussion with Company Three’s director and the opportunity to take part in an interactive workshop based on the play. As the drama is still being developed, the audience will have the chance to ask questions to help the future development.


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