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Let’s Discuss My Heritage


What does it mean to be Black? What does it mean to grow up in a world with labels and terms only? Without the stories and narratives that form our background, how do we know who we are?       

In this interactive discussion, explore how we can build a better understanding of what makes up our identities. Together let’s discuss the ways in which important events of the past, influence how we are seen and see ourselves today.

Our family heritage, the language we speak, and the traditions and beliefs of our parents and their grandparents inform us about what lies at the core of our beings. However, many of us are moving further away from the generations that came before us and there is a risk that we will lose this knowledge, wisdom and information about who we are in this world.

Led by Selena Carty, an experienced family genealogist, public speaker and workshop facilitator, we discover why our cultural legacies matter and how we can pass these on to our children and future generations.

£7 (+bkg fee)