Past Exhibitions

Rastafari in Motion 3.jpg

Rastafari in Motion

14 June – 10 September 2016

A new exhibition Rastafari in Motion tells the rarely told story of Emperor Haile Selassie I and the Rastafari movement in Britain. Find out about the exploits of ‘The Book Liberator’ and the rising consciousness in Black youth from the 1960s onwards. Co-curated in partnership with Rastafari Regal Livity.

Black Georgians.jpg

Black Georgians: the shock of the familiar

9 October 2016 – 4 June 2016

Black Georgians reveals the everyday lives of Black people in Britain during the Georgian period, 1714-1830. A rich array of historical evidence that presents a surprising, sometimes shocking, and inspiring picture of Georgian Britain.

Staying Power.jpg


15 January – 31 July 2015 

Staying Power is an important exhibition featuring photographs drawn from the V&A’s collection. From documentary to portraiture to staged allegorical photographs, Staying Power documents experiences from post-World War II through to the 1990s, covering topics from mass migration to hip-hop fashions of south London.

The exhibition is part of the Staying Power project to increase the number of Black British photographers and images of Black people in Britain in V&A’s National Collection on the Art of Photography. It aims to raise awareness of the contribution of Black people to British culture and society, as well as the art of photography.