A Portrait study by Franklyn Rodgers

11 February - 31 MAY 2019

In this first exhibition in a series of three, commissioned by Black Cultural Archives and sponsored by JPMorgan, the five amazing women featured in this first portrait study – Baroness Valerie Amos, Karen Blackett OBE, Dame Vivian Hunt, Dr. Sandie Okoro, and Dr. Samantha Tross – have shared their personal journeys to demonstrate the excellence present in Britain’s Black community and to show others what can be achieved.

Photographed by award winning artist Franklyn Rodgers, a leader of the Black British Art Movement of the 1980s, this unique and distinctive artistic commission experiments with light and reflections to highlight the inner radiance and strength of each of these remarkable women. Visible in the photographs are references to African masks and facial markings, a part of Black heritage to denote rites of passage and status.

Although there are many interpretations of what makes a good leader, the narrative that runs through all of these women’s stories speaks of their resilience, focus, knowing oneself whilst

exploring passions, talent accompanied by hard work, an incredible self-belief and above all striving for excellence.

What is clear is the importance of collaboration over competition, as together we are able to achieve much more than operating in isolation. What makes thse women exceptional in radiating excellence across a variety of sectors is not their individual achievements, but their commitment to setting a path that future generations of Black Britons and other unseen communities can follow to show the world what leadership is truly about.